Open call "Cubi in Movimento: Stazione Torino": 6 designers selected for the new Cubes in motion.
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Project conceived and realized by Cittadellarte in collaboration with CNA Biella and Caseificio Rosso

with the support of:
Regione Piemonte,
Camera di Commercio di Biella,

with the patronage of:
Provincia di Biella,
Comune di Biella

Trips and stages: since May 28th  2006 the cubes started their trip, becoming real ambassadors of Biella and Piedmont Territory:

Stages of the Cubes in Motion: July - December 2010



Biella, 23rd October - 1st November: AAGE Expo d'Autunno




Turin, 21st - 25th October: Salone del Gusto



Milan, 13th - 14th October: Filo



Biella, 9th October: UNIDEE in PROGRESS 2010



Turin, 1st - 3rd October: DNA ITALIA: tecniche cultura patrimonio da ieri a domani



Biella, 25th September: UIB e Rugby : “Il Terzo Tempo del Tessile”

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The stages of the Cubes in Motion: January - June 2010


Roma, 12th - 13th June 2010: 5th Forum del Libro Geografico: Viaggio nelle regioni d'Italia: il Piemonte


Parma, 10th - 13th May 2010: Cibus Parma


Biella, 7th May 2010: 8th Giornata dell'Economia Biellese


Milan, 14th - 19th April 2010: Salone del Mobile



Biella, 5th March – 16th May 2010 Pallacanestro Biella: Campionato Nazionale di Serie A Maschile di Pallacanestro 2009/2010

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Biella, November 22nd 2008: presentation of the activities of the Production Office at the Decennial of Cittadellarte

Within of the celebrations for the Decennial of Cittadellarte-Fondazione Pistoletto, presentation of the project Cubes in Motion. back to top

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Mongrando (BI), November 16th 2008: Golosità Piemontesi

Present in the enogastronimic fair of Piedmont products the Siletti linen mill e the Lauretana Water cubes, sponsor of the event. back to top

Seoul (South Korea), 10th - 31th October 2008: LifeStyleMadeInItaly

The exhibition LifeStyleMadeinItaly this Autumn will be presented in Korea in occasion of the Italia Year. The event, hosted in the exhibition area of the Seoul Olimpic Stadium in which will be celebrated the Design Olimpic Games, on one hand seals the baton change between the two World Design Capital (Torino 2008 - Seoul 2010) and on the other hand works for promoting italian creativity. The project consists in many initiatives: the photographic exhibition titled LifestyleMadeInItaly – Piedmont identity, joined at the project Cubes in Motion. back to top

Aosta, 12th - 13th September 2008: national working seminar “Le giovani classi creative” - Creativity and Socialization as tools for transforming the cities

Within the event organised by the Aosta Municipality, will be exhibited the cubes of the Siletti linen mill and Lauretana Water, as witnesses of the project Cubes in Motion, which will be explained during the workshop held by Armona Pistoletto Saturday September 13th. back to top

Biella, July 9th 2008: Dicubi - connected projects, Toward Biella cultural district - II phase

The district administration started again the dialog with the institutional representatives and with the territory for the Biella Cultural District. Present at the inauguration of the Stenditoio as a good example of territorial marketing two of the Cubes in Motion: the brand new steel and glass cube conceived by the indian artist Rakhi Peswani, realized by the artisan Micheletti Mauro for Catto Caffé, and the felt cube of the italian artist Katia Meneghini, worked by the artisan Valeria Coda Zabetta for the awarded Birra Menabrea. back to top

Biella, July 4th 2008: Club dei 15, industrial districts meeting

Cubes in Motion as real ambassadors of the territory had welcomed the representatives of the industrial districts who met during the private reunion in the performance room of Cittadellarte. back to top

Candelo (BI), 28th - 29th June 2008: Piemonte Terra d’Artigiani - Mestieri d’arte nel borgo

The Piedmont artisans excellence in the wonderful medieval frame of the Ricetto of Candelo, one of most beautiful villages of Italy and orange flag of the italian Touring Club. In the cellar dedicated to the CNA - National Confederation of Crafts – the Cubes in Motion awakened the interest for the original presentation of the local products in the world. The event, in collaboration with Centro di Arti Applicate V.Kandinskij, has been an unique opportunity to get to know the secrets of the traditional professions, to observe the artisan in action and to satisfy everybody’s curiosity about techniques, products and handiwork. back to top

Senigallia (AN), 5th - 10th June 2008: Trasforma - arte e città sostenibile

The contemporary art event directed towards sustainability Trasforma opened in the Rotonda sul Mare di Senigallia, Ancona. For this occasion Cittadellarte presented the exhibition Art Business Territory in Transformation. Works by Michelangelo Pistoletto, Juan Esteban Sandoval, projects and activities by the Architecture Office with Turning Point Products and n.o.v.a. civitas, and from the Production Office the project Cubes in Motion were all presented. back to top

La Spezia, 8th December 2007 - 8th April 2008: the Cubes in Motion at the Cittadellarte-Pistoletto e il Terzo Paradiso exhibition at CAMeC

Cittadellarte - Pistoletto and the Third Paradise exhibition recreated a little Cittadellarte in the hall of CAMeC (Center for Contemporary and Modern Art), through an original and interactive set-up representing its Uffizi, complete with works by Michelangelo Pistoletto. The Cittadellarte projects in the exhibition include UNIDEE-Università delle Idee, Love Difference, Turning Points Products and the unfailing Cubi in Motion. back to top

Beijing (China), 14th - 16th May 2007: ViCina LifeStyleMadeInItaly

Second stage of the initiative for the development of new entrepreneurial opportunities, tourist perspectives, cultural relationships between Piedmont Region and China. back to top

Ningbo (China), 27th April - 6th May 2007: ViCina LifeStyleMadeInItaly

Initiative for the development of new entrepreneurial opportunities, tourist perspectives, cultural relationships between Piedmont Region and China.
The project with the institutional photographic exhibition about products and excellences of the Piedmont Companies of the Life Style Made in Italy showed the Piedmont as a welcoming land rich of products and know. For the occasion has been presented for the first time to the chinese pubblic Cubes in Motion - Embassy of Biella and Piedmont Territory project. back to top

Frankfurt (Germany), 10th - 13th January 2007: the Cubes in Motion at the textile fair HEIMTEXTIL

The linen mill Siletti brought its enterprise and its cube, created by the artist Charlie Jeffery and realized by the artisan laboratory Arstistico by Longo Carmine, at the year’s appointment of the international fair specialized in textile, furnishing, fittings and contract. Three day in which the dealers presented the most interesting news and the most innovative proposals for furnish the house. back to top

Turin, 26th - 30th October 2006: the Cubes in Motion at the 10th Salone del Gusto

In October the exhibition Cubes in Motion has been hosted at the Lingotto space in Turin for the al Salone del Gusto, organized by Slow Food, under the sponsorship of the Municipality of Turin and the Piedmont Region, which this year reached its tenth year of life. This event has been gradually growing until imposing itself as one of the most important international fairs dedicated to quality food and to agricultural and agroindustrial issues. back to top

Luxembpurg, 15th - 17th September 2006: the cubes ambassadors of Biella and Piedmont Region atl LUXEXPO

A space of 100 sqm has been provided by Piedmont Region to host the exhibition “Cubes in Motion” within Italia Dimensione 2000, an event supporting the Made in Italy, in this edition specially dedicated to Piedmont Region, at LUXEXPO from September 15th to 17th 2006. back to top

Rovereto (TN), 7th - 10th September 2006: Una relazione possibile exhibition at Mart

2 cubes from the project have been on show from 7th  to 10th  September at MART, Contemporary Art Museum of Trento and Rovereto in the within of the exhibition “Una relazione possibile: dall’ideazione artistica alla produzione artigianale” (“A possible relation: from the conceiving to the craftmade production”). This event has been organized as a section of the Handicraft Provincial Exhibition, which took place in Rovereto during the same period. The full project has been presented at the encounter held on Sunday September 10th at the MART. back to top

Parma, 12th July - 3rd September 2006: Terzo Paradiso exhibition at Fondazione Solares

The project has been presented inside the Production office space during the exhibition Cittadellarte & the Third Paradise, in the Galleria delle Colonne - Solares Cultural Center. The exhibition has been organized within the “Stage Europeo degli Esordi (European Beginning Stage) - Uno Uno Prima”, curated by Giuseppe Bertolucci and supported by Provincia di Parma, European Union and Solares Cultural Foundation. back to top

Biella, May 28th 2006: preview event at Cittadellarte

On show in Cittadellarte the first eight Cubes in Motion, created by the Manydee artists, built by the craftsmen taking part in the project.
A whole day of tasting moments of the Tavola dell'Orso products and meeting with various personalities from different fields: from design to art, from food criticism to journalism, from craftsmanship to public administration. back to top