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Project conceived and realized by Cittadellarte in collaboration with CNA Biella and Caseificio Rosso

with the support of:
Regione Piemonte,
Camera di Commercio di Biella,

with the patronage of:
Provincia di Biella,
Comune di Biella


Pasticceria Jeantet - Canestrelli biscuits
Consol Rodrìguez (Spain / England)
Scatolificio Stella - cardboard boxes

production in comics

27 cubes measuring 15x15x15 centimetres form one whole cube which represents the patisserie Jeantet. 10 cartoons are drawn by the artist Consol Rodriguez illustrating the process of production the typical biscuits and tell with a light style the protagonists of a story that renews every day in the work and the mastery of the artisan. The small boxes, made by the box maker Stella, have been conceived to be also used as containers for the patisserie products.
MATERIAL: White micro-corrugated cardboard
TECHNIQUES: Small boxes cut out and printed with water soluble ink.

Pasticceria Jeantet
The Jeantet company has been present in the Biellese territory for more than fifty years, initially as a simple artisan patisserie and then throughout the years expanding its activities, with a bar and artisan ice cream parlour. It is a specialist in roasting coffee beans, honey retail, and above all else in the production of Canestrej and Canestrelli biscuits. The tradition of these Canestrej and Canestrelli biscuits has been rooted in the culture of biellese cuisine for more than 200 years (it is cited in Napoleonic manuscripts), and Jeantet has made this a point of strength. The Canestrej and Canestrelli are not just biscuits but unique and choice morsels whose like cannot be found elsewhere in the world. The biscuits can be found and sampled directly from Jeantet in Biella or on their site
Contacts: Piazza Vittorio Veneto, 16 - 13900 Biella - Italy   tel +39.015.21415

Canestrelli Biscuits
Canestrelli of their own production - also available: classic, cinnamon and chilli pepper.
Two fragrant wafers are sandwiched together by a filling of hazelnuts, almonds, gianduja, dark chocolate and cocoa butter, mixed together wisely using the best products on the chocolate market. The taste of the filling prevails over that of the wafer.
Canestrej d’na Vira (round biscuits)
Two very fine biscuit wafers with an exquisite filling of almonds,
hazelnuts, dark chocolate and gianduja, mixed with cocoa butter, make this biscuit a true delight for the palate. The taste of the wafer prevails over that of the filling.

Consol Rodrìguez - artist
Born in Barcelona. A master in 3D Animation from IDEC Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Barcelona, 2007 and a graduate of Saint Jordi’s College of Art University of Barcelona, 1998. She studied 2D animation in Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design London 2005-2006. Now working as a visual artist and as a part time tutor in the Fashion Department of Istituto Europeo di Design in Barcelona.
Since 2001 UNIDEE in Residence she has collaborated with Cittadellarte - Fondazione Pistoletto: Cubes in Motion project for Jeantet Patisserie in 2006; the conception, development and realisation of Vietato l’Accesso, a public art and collaborative project to increase awareness of the potential for the River Park in Biella, in 2003; and Si scambiano oggetti d’arte per oggetti personali, an exchange of the artist’s drawings for the audience’s personal belongings – realised during the programme in UNIDEE in residence in 2001.
Currently involved in various commissioned public art projects in Barcelona.

SCATOLIFICIO STELLA - cardboard boxes
Scatolificio Stella was founded in Crosa in 1969 with the aim to furnish the textile factories of neighbouring Vallemosso with all the packaging they needed to send off their textiles. Following various transformations, with the diversification of their products and a growth aimed towards different market areas, it became necessary to modify the production line with the addition of new, technologically advanced machinery in their head quarters at Vallemosso.
Contacts: Frazione Premarcia - 13825 Valle Mosso (BI) - Italy   
tel +39.015.737620

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